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iteraplan Enterprise Edition

The iteraplan Enterprise Edition

  •  is available in conjunction with a maintenance agreement (basic or premium version) and an initial consulting by iteratec
  • comprises additional functionality for enterprise use

Any questions? To find out more about the Enterprise Edition, please contact us. We're looking forward to hearing from you.


Comparison of features

Which iteraplan Edition is right for you? Here are the features of the iteraplan Enterprise and Community Edition:                                                   

Ease of data entry
 Roles & rights concept -
Models can be custom-extended
 Export and Import via Excel, XMI, JSON and REST -
Extensive reporting
 Partial Export & Import and different import strategies- 
Excel and CSV export
 History for all changes- 
Diagram-format queries
 Power-Queries (iteraQL)- 
PDF, Visio and other diagramming formats
 Supporting queries- 
Configurable diagrams
  LDAP connection and Single Sign On*- 
To-be landscape model drawing on different repositories of data
 Oracle and MySQL as databases- 
Consistency checks
 MS SQL as database*- 
Mass updates
HSQLDB as database

* Available with the premium version of the maintenance agreement

Maintenance agreement

We provide the iteraplan Enterprise Edition in combination with a consultancy package and maintenance agreement. Both basic and premium version comprise the following services:

  • Email support from iteratec experts
  • Regular iteraplan updates to the latest version
  • Provision of required migration scripts
We can provide detailed information and prices on request.

For use in research and education - contact us for details!